What’s Wrong With the
Today Contraceptive Sponge?

The Today Sponge contains more of the irritating detergent, N-9, than any other product, and it's used by leaving the irritant in place for 24-30 hours. Yet the Sponge only has an effectiveness of about 80%, even with 1 gram of N-9 in each Sponge. The FDA recently acknowledged that more than 20% of Sponge users may be exposed to
an unsafe dose of N-9.
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The real reason the Sponge stopped being sold in 1995 was that it didn't make enough money. Women didn't go back and buy the Sponge after being burned by it. (Unfortunately, this is literally accurate - the burns caused by the Sponge are chemical burns.)

Now the The Today Sponge is going back on sale in drugstores largely because of
a joke on a popular TV show:
A fictional TV woman – created by male comedy writers on "Seinfeld" – supposedly loved the Sponge. The sequel show where Elaine Benes developed cervical and vaginal irritation wasn’t funny, so it was never broadcast.

As the research discussed in the APT
Citizen Petition on the Safety of the Today Sponge,* has shown, regular use of the Sponge is very likely to cause breaks in the tissues in the vagina
and increase the risk of infections -
including an HIV infection.

These facts are all prominently explained on the box and label of the new Today Sponge. To learn more, read the Citizen Petition, the FDA's Reply and
the Commentary on the 4.27.05 FDA reply.

*The Sponge Petitions were co-sponsored by:

The Empire State Consumer Organization
Rochester, NY
Judith Braiman, President
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